Doctor Who Interviews

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Here you’ll find all the interviews I have done with people from or connected to the TV show Doctor Who!

Sylvester McCoy at LFCC – Doctor who, The Hobbit, and More (August 2016)

Writers of Sci-Fi: David J Howe Interview – Telos Books (July 2016)

Writers of Sci-Fi: Robert Shearman Interview (June 2016)

Writers of Sci-Fi: Andrew Smith (Doctor Who Interview) (June 2016)

Sophie Aldred on Pearl Mackie and more (Interview) (June 2016)

The Man Inside the Daleks – Jon Davey Interview (June 2016)

Lalla Ward Interview – Romana Returns (March 2016)

Paul Darrow Interview – Blake’s 7, Big Finish and Beyond (February 2016)

The Voice of K-9 – John Leeson Interview (February 2016)

Kai Owen – Torchwood Interview (February 2016)

Niky Wardley Interview – Big Finish Doctor Who Companion (February 2016)

Courtney Woods Speaks – Ellis George Interview (January 2016)

Davros Speaks – Terry Molloy Interview (January 2016)

Peter Purves Interview – Doctor Who, Blue Peter and more (January 2016)

John Levene Interview – Sergeant Benton Speaks (December 2015)

Shane Rimmer Interview – Thunderbirds Are Back! (December 2015)

Peter Davison – Doctor Who Interview (November 2015)

The Valeyard – Michael Jayston Doctor Who Interview (November 2015)

Doctor Who’s Katy Manning Interview (October 2015)

Nicholas Briggs: Daleks, Big Finish and the Future (October 2015)

Whovian Feminism – Interview With Alyssa Franke (September 2015)

The Master – Geoffrey Beevers (September 2015)

Third Doctor Interview – Tim Treloar (September 2015)

Cameron K McEwan – Blogtor Who (September 2015)

John Guilor – Doctor Who (September 2015)

Matthew Waterhouse – Doctor Who (September 2015)

Sophie Aldred – Doctor Who (August 2015)

Sylvester McCoy – Doctor Who (August 2015)