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All my interviews with people from Red Dwarf!

Danny John Jules Interview – The Cat Speaks (May 2016)


At EM Con I had the chance to interview Danny John Jules, who played The Cat in Red Dwarf. We chatted about the two brand new series that are coming up and Danny revealed that the series may be returning to our screens this September!

We also had a talk about the late David Bowie, with whom Dany worked on the classic film Labyrinth.

Robert Llewellyn Interview (March 2016)


With two new series and the 30th anniversary not far off, I had the chance to interview Robert Llewellyn who played the mechanical Kryten in Red Dwarf. We talked about working with Steve Coogan, how the show has changed, and what could be coming for the 30th Anniversary.

Take a look to find out what’s in store for the Red Dwarf crew!