The Campaign Trail


The Campaign Trail is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast where the quest is to win a general election!

Join our team of fantastical adventurers as they head to marginal constituencies and face puzzles, monsters, intrigue and maybe even a dungeon and a dragon.

Exit polls. Sorcery. Economic policy. Ancient curses.

It’s like no other D&D game you’ve ever heard.

Episode archive:

Chapter One:

Barrow of Furnace

Chapter 01 Barrow of Furnace

Can Gorlak the Betrayer become the first goblin elected to parliament?

Enter the political fantasy adventure! Meet Pelicos, Daeryth, and Tilda!

Part One | Part Two


Chapter Two:

Parliament Hexagon

Chapter 02 Parliament Hexagon

Journey to the capital, the seat of power! There’s an important vote in parliament and it’s up to our heroes to swing the vote their way.

New friends, and new challenges await!

Part One | Part Two


Chapter Three:

Ragnor’s Rock

Chapter 03 Ragnor's Rock

There’s something lurking in the mountain of Ragnor’s Rock. A dragon hoarding your data. An oozy creature in the sewers. And some very, very bad Sean Connery impersonations.

Also, meet our first guest player, The Marquis of Granby!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part FivePart Six


Chapter Four:


Chapter 04 Leadership

The Fabel Party needs a new leader, and a contest is at hand. The slick and polished Bernard Fendec. The tough and rough Donald Ramsey. The kind and hungry Mae Bucket.

And perhaps there’ll be a surprise contender?

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four 


Chapter Five:

North Port

Chapter 05 North Port 01

Crime is on the decline in North Port. A terrifying sheriff is filling the prisons with criminals, but is she right? Our heroes face their toughest challenge yet!

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of… octopuses?

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven


Chapter Six:

The Inquiry

Chapter 06 The Inquiry

That business with the dragon; there’s going to be an inquiry. What unspeakable horrors lie in the House of Lords?

Can our heroes survive the trials and bad jokes that are hidden in this quest?

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four


Chapter Seven:

The Forest of Mean

Chapter 07 Forest of Mean

Automation is taking over the Forest of Mean. Our heroes are joined by a famous face, Falcon Hoof, the sidekick of fantasy heroine Jamie Childs! Can they help the workers of the Forest of Mean find jobs in an increasingly magical world?

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Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight |


Chapter Eight:

Fable Party Conference

08 Fable Party Conference

Our heroes return from their triumphant battle against the automated Prime Minister. But something looms on the horizon; the Fable Party Conference!
A downtime episode with shopping, magic items, and cake!

Part One| Part Two | Part Three | Part Four


Chapter Nine:

Gambler’s Grave

09 Gambler's Grave

This should be an easy constituency, and all the polls point to a Fable landslide. But every time, they lose. Something’s not right.

The eccentric billionaire, Marc Chefos, owner of the biggest magic mirror corporation in the world, might be behind it.

The Dead are rising. And they’re voting.

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Part Five | Part Six |Part Seven |

Chapter Ten:

Hell’s Bells

10 Hell's Bells

It’s the end. But the moment has been prepared for. The evil warlock Malzar prepares to put an end to democracy itself. Can this ragtag gang of miscreants stop her? It’ll take everything they’ve got, and then a bit more. Plus, how will it affect the polling?

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four



Election night is here!

The players have done all they can, but has it been enough? Join the News Dryad Jeremy Vines, Fiona the Bruce, Trinity Wells, and more for this special coverage of the first Dungeons and Dragons general election.

Written by Joel Cornah
Executive producers: Aym Phoenix, Stephen Poore, Joanne Hall, and Joel Cornah
Music by Dr Hollywood, Matt Cornah, and free stock music dot com

JEREMY VINES – Joel Cornah
PETER SNOW – Matt Cornah
FIONA THE BRUCE – Bronwen Winter Phoenix
SIR NIGEL HATRED – Richard Coughlan
TRINITY WELLS – Bethany Black

SIR KEREK STALLS QC – David Landon Cole
RACHEL MACE – S. Naiomi Scott
FALCONHOOF – Chris Beatie
JAMIE CHILDS – Jamie Scotto
JAY MOONBAEM – Pete Sutton


Martha Buckley
Eleanor Katchpole Simmons
Katherine Katchpole Simmons
David Landon Cole
Dmitry Grozoubinski
Nicholas Furze
Emma Ward