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greenJuliet E McKenna – The Green Man’s Heir

A very special episode of the Writers of Fantasy podcast! I interviewed Juliet E McKenna about her brand new book, The Green Man’s Heir. It is a modern day fantasy novel that delves into folk tales and stories against the backdrop of the Peak District countryside.

Juliet talks about the experience of moving from traditional epic fantasy and towards something new. We delve into the treatment of female characters in both epic and modern fantasy, and also dip into police procedurals a bit. It’s a great interview. Check it out!

lucy-hounsomLucy Hounsom Interview – Worldmaker

Our latest interview for the Writers of Fantasy podcast is with Lucy Houndsom. She is the author of the Worldmaker series as well as a co-host of the amazing podcast Breaking the Glass Slipper.

We talked about representation of disabilities in fantasy, feminism, bookselling, and a huge range of issues. Lucy is an amazing writer and her advice is great to hear for any aspiring authors or even established ones.

dimartinoMichael Dante DiMartino Interview

This week on the Writers of Fantasy podcast my guest is Michael Dante DiMartino; he is a writer, artist, and perhaps most famously, the co-creator of Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! He is also the author of a new fantasy series, Rebel Genius!

We talk about building characters, worlds, themes, and more besides. Check it out as we delve into Avatar and more!

anna-smith-spark-author-photo-1Anna Smith-Spark Writers of Fantasy Interview

My guest this week is Anna Smith-Spark! She is the author of the Court of Broken Knives.

She has previously been published in the Fortean Times and the poetry website greatworks.org.

We talk about gender in fantasy, writing, characters and world building. Also there are some jokes about Tony Blair.

b1whdxdfocs-_ux250_Leigh Bardugo Interview

Welcome to the Writers of Fantasy, a podcast for scififantasy network dot com.

My guest this week is Leigh Bardugo! She is the author of the best selling Greishaverse books, from Shadow and Bone to the Six of Crows. She has also written for Wonder Woman and has published countless short stories for Tor.com and more besides!

Give it a listen.

108173Elizabeth Bear at WorldCon Helsinki

Elizabeth Bear is an American author who won the 2005 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, the 2008 Hugo Award for Best Short Story for “Tideline”, and the 2009 Hugo Award for Best Novelette for “Shoggoths in Bloom”.

We caught up at WorldCon in Helsinki and had a chat about her career, her writing style, and what she’s working on next. Check it out!

V E SchwabVictoria Schwab Interview – Writers of Fantasy Podcast

For this week’s episode of the Writers of Fantasy Podcast, I got to talk to Victoria Schwab, aka V.E. Schwab. She is an American fantasy author best known for her 2013 novel Vicious, the Shades of Magic series, and her children’s and young adult fiction.

We had a really good, long talk about world building, characters, writing, and gender issues in science fiction and fantasy. Check it out!

28220944Fran Wilde Interview – Writers of Fantasy

Fran Wilde is an author perhaps best known for her Compton Crook Award-winning and Nebula-nominated novel Updraft and its sequels Cloudbound, and Horizon. Her short stories appear in Asimov’s, Tor.com, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Nature and more. Also, her Nebula-nominated novelette The Jewel and Her Lapidary is available from Tor.com

We had a chat about her work, how she’s grown as a writer, and the issues facing writers in the ever changing world of publishing. Check it out!

an-accident-of-stars-198x300Foz Meadows – Writers of Fantasy Interview

A new series of the Writers of Fantasy Podcast from Scifi-fantasy network!
Joel Cornah talks to Foz Meadows, author of An Accident of Stars! Foz is a genderqueer author, blogger, essayist, reviewer and poet.

In 2014, she was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer for her blog, Shattersnipe; she is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Black Gate, and a contributing reviewer for A Dribble of InkStrange Horizons and Tor.com.

Give the episode a listen here, or on iTunes!


sorcerer-ukZen Cho

She is the author of Crawford Award-winning short story collection Spirits Abroad and editor of anthology Cyberpunk: Malaysia. She was nominated for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer and honour-listed for the Carl Brandon Society Awards for her short fiction.

Her debut novel Sorcerer to the Crown (Ace/Macmillan), about magic, intrigue and politics in Regency London, won a British Fantasy Award for Best Newcomer and was a Locus Awards finalist for Best First Novel.

We talk about writing, characters, diversity, and the state of the publishing industry!

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4628098715_563x907Pete Sutton

Pete Sutton has had stuff published, online and in book form, including a short story collection called A Tiding of Magpies. His new book Sick City Syndrome is coming soon from Kensington Gore and we got to talk a bit about that.

He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. Pete is a member of the North Bristol Writers.

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summer-goddessJoanne Hall

This week’s Writers of Fantasy interview is with Joanne Hall, author of The Summer Goddess. She has a lot of tips and insights into writing. And you probably want to listen to her as she is an acquisitions editor. That’s right, she is one of the people who decides if your book will get published if you submit it. So she knows what she’s talking about.

Check it out!

This is a video interview.


defender-coverGemma X Todd

This week’s Writers of Sci-Fi interview is with Gemma X Todd. She is an author, Mobile Librarian and LEGO enthusiast! Her new books, The Voices series, begins with Defender, which comes out in January 2017! So be on the lookout!

As a librarian and all round cool person, she has plenty of unique perspectives on the state of sci-fi and fantasy in the book world. Check it out!

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Steven Poore

Steven Poore Interview – The High King’s Vengeance

This week’s Writers of Fantasy Interview is with British Fantasy award nominated Steven Poore, whose new book – The High King’s Vengeance – came out at Fantasy Con this year. His novel, Heir to the North, was nominated for best novel at this years British Fantasy Awards. So we talked a bit about that, a bit about his life as a writer, and how he develops his characters. Check it out!

Watch here

kowal-370Mary Robinette Kowal

“Alien is a big old puppet show” says Kowal. She talks the Glamourist Histories, theatre and more. Mary Robinette Kowal interview for writers of fantasy.

Mary Robinette Kowal is a multi-award winning author, best known for the Glamourist Histories series, as well as being a professional puppeteer. She talked about her writing process, about puppetree, and how even some of your favourite sci-fi movies, like Alien, are big old puppet shows.

Listen here

r-j-barkerRJ Barker

This week’s Writers of Fantasy Interview is with RJ Barker, who talks to us exclusively about his debut fantasy trilogy, Age of Assassins! I met RJ at FantasyCon by the Sea earlier this year and knew right from the get go that this is an author who is going places, so we’ve nabbed an exclusive with an author you should deffinately look out for.

If you’re an aspiring author yourself, this interview also touches on the writing process and beyond! Check it out!

Read it here

juliet-300x300Juliet E McKenna

This week’s interview on Writers of Fantasy is with Juliet E McKenna, author of The Tales of Einarinn, The Aldabreshin Compass, The Hadrumal Crisis and the upcoming Shadow Histories of the River Kingdom, launching at BristolCon this October!

Juliet is an incredibly thoughtful and talented writer with countless books under her belt. We talked about the changing landscape of fantasy fiction, the rise of eBooks, politics, feminism, Doctor Who, and of course some good old fashioned writers’ advice.

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David Anthony Durham

Our Writers of Fantasy Interview series continues with David Anthony Durham, best known for the Acacia trilogy and his new book The Risen. We talked about building fantasy cultures, characters, and wider themes of representation and more!

This is a text interview.

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kelly-robsonKelly Robson

This week’s interview in our Writers of Fantasy series is with Kelly Robson, author of Waters of Versailles, which won the Prix Aurora Award and was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award and the Nebula Award. We had a really great conversation about the ins and outs of writing, the life of a writer, and how the industry is changing its attitudes. Take a listen, or check out the key quotes in the link if you can’t listen right now.

This is an audio interview

Listen here

all-the-birds-198x300Charlie Jane Anders

The latest interview for our Writers of Fantasy series is Charlie Jane Anders, author of All the Birds in the Sky!

She has also written a number of shorts, novellas and more that you can find on Tor.com, Strange Horizons, and Flurb. She’s a brilliant writer and has plenty of experience to draw on, so strap in and enjoy!

This is a written interview

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house-of-shattered-wings-uk-resizedAliette De Bodard

Aliette De Bodard! She is best known for her incredible historical fantasy novel The House of Shattered Wings. She is a master of both short fiction and long novels, with a number of historical fantasy settings that have kept readers hooked for years.

We talked about her development as a writer, comparing her short stories to novels, the writing process, character building and much, much more. Take a listen!


91c2t4kdfrlA M Dellamonica

A. M. Dellamonica is the author of Child of a Hidden Sea, A Daughter of No Nation, and over thirty short stories. She writes science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history.

We talked about how she has changed in her craft over the years, what it takes to build characters and worlds, her theatre background, and the importance of representation and diversity.

This is an audio interview.

Listen here

gods-warKameron Hurley

The latest interview in our Writers of Fantasy series is with Kameron Hurley, author of the Gods War series, The Mirror Empire, and her new book of essays, The Geek Feminist Revolution (which is pretty amazing).

We talked about how she develops her cultures in writing, explores gender and sexuality, as well as building characters around stories. She has a lot of experience and is well worth listening to!

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long-wayBecky Chambers

Becky Chambers is Best known for her phenomenal ‘A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet’, Becky talks about her writing process, her history, and how she developed her characters.

Moreover, she gives an insight into how and why she tackled social issues such as gender, sexuality, and humanity’s place in the universe.

This is an audio interview but the website has key quotes if you can’t listen to it right now.

Listen Here

falcon-throne-197x300Karen Miller

Karen Miller is best known for her epic fantasy novels such as the Innocent Mage (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series) as well as her new book, The Falcon Throne.

She has also written Star Wars and Stargate novels and under the pen-name K.E. Mills writes the Rogue Agent series, about a wizard with special skills who works for his government under unusual circumstances.

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Martha Wells

Martha Wells has been writing ground-breaking fantasy for over two decades now.

Her Books of Raksura series in particular has challenged gender stereotypes and more in every way imaginable and she still has more coming!


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seanan-mcguire-cropped-275x300Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire, author of the recent bestseller Every Heart A Doorway, as well as the incredible October Daye series. She’s also a musician but we didn’t get into that. Probably would have gone against the aesthetic of the series, but maybe another time!


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David J Howe

David J Howe runs Telos Publishing, a multi-award-winning independent press specialising in high quality books for everyone interested in cult TV, film, health and spirit and – including through the Telos Moonrise digital imprint – all kinds of genre fiction.


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Robert shearmanRobert Shearman

Robert Shearman is best known for his Doctor Who story Dalek, as well as plenty of Big Finish audio adventures (some featuring the talking penguin Frobisher), he is also a playwright and author.


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Andrew SmithAndrew Smith

Andrew Smith is Best known for being the youngest writer for Doctor Who back in 1980, he penned the Fourth Doctor story Full Circle. Now, thirty years later, he has returned and has written numerous audio adventures for Big Finish.

The latest UNIT series has just been released and features two stories by Andrew, Death in Geneva and The Battle of the Tower. Both of which are available from Big Finish here.

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mark_lawrence_14048Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence is the author of Prince of Thorns (Broken Empire series) and his new book The Wheel of Osheim (Red Queen’s War, Book 3) is out now!


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book-of-proph-212x300Steven J. Guscott

Steven J. Guscott’s first novel, The Book of Prophecy, was released last year to great success through independent publishers Grimbold Books, and now he is releasing a short novella, The Diary of V. Frankenstein.

The Diary of V. Frankenstein is an Alternate-Reality look at the classic Frankenstein tale by Mary Shelley.


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laurenjankowski1-289x300Lauren Jankowski

Lauren Jankowski is an author and blogger best known for her sci-fi series The Shapeshifter Chronicles, and her work on Asexual Artists. She is a bright and staggeringly eloquent speaker, her most recent presentation was entitled “Where are the Asexual Voices” at C2E2.

With her Asexual Artists page having now featured nearly three hundred openly asexual artists.

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flag-cover-1-195x300Joanne Hall

Fight Like A Girl, the brand new anthology of short stories written by and about women in science fiction and fantasy is out now! As we mentioned back in March, Fight Like A Girl promises to be a powerful collection of science fiction and fantasy ranging from space operas and near-future factional conflict to medieval warfare and urban fantasy.

I had the chance to talk to the editor and brain behind the anthology, Joanne Hall, and she gave us the low down on what it means to Fight Like A Girl.

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24661934Ellen Croshain

At this year’s Fantasycon I got to interview Ellen Croshain, author of the haunting and devilish Cruelty, published by Kristell Ink.

The book came out this year and has already garnered some attention across the web for its strange nature, its creepy tones, and the deep magic that leaps right out of Irish mythology.


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71dsjtqhmpl-_ux250_Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is the author of the Mistborn series and his new novel Shadows of Self. Brandon was promoting the latest book in his new series, set several decades after the initial Mistborn epic fantasy trilogy.

We chatted about his writing process, how he went about creating his world and where new readers can jump into his works.

You can also listen to an interesting chat on finishing the Wheel of Time.

Watch Here

Heir of the NorthSteven Poore

I had a chance to talk to Steven Poore about his new book, Heir to the North. This epic fantasy novel was released at FantasyCon this year and caused quite a stir.

With new and surprising twists on a lot of classic fantasy tropes, Heir to the North is set to be one of the most anticipated small press releases of the year.


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tumblr_mb4l1iqfa51r0dl4no1_500Jake Jarvi

I had the pleasure of talking to Jake Jarvi, the creator, producer, writer and co-star of The Platoon of Power Squadron. You can read my report on the web series HERE.

We talk about how the show got started, what sort of issues have come up during production, and the writing process.


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valhallalg-200x300Ari Bach

I had the chance to interview Ari Bach, author of the Valhalla series. He has a near infamous blog on Tumblr, facts-i-just-made-up where he posts, as you might expect, ‘facts’ that he just made up. His books have exploded in popularity recently so I wanted to talk to him about them and about his experience as a writer.

Valhalla takes place in a futuristic Scotland filled with people who have brain implants and other enhancements and where war is obsolete. It is a fast paced and sometimes graphically violent rampage through adventure, mystery and legend.

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1d12e50098ea1bffb99d1ffcbda34d0a_400x400Alyssa Franke

A lot has been said about Doctor Who and politics, and Alyssa Franke’s blog has been a powerful voice in that conversation. Whovian Feminism has been running for over three years and has tackled a lot of serious issues raised by the show as well as celebrating when the writers get it right.


Watch Here

51g5frvtlgl-_uy250_Cameron K McEwan

I had a chance to interview Cameron K McEwan, founder of Blogtor Who. He is also the author of The Who’s Who of Doctor Who and the Doctor Who Big Book of Lists.

We talked about his books, his experience as a writer, and more besides.

Watch Here

515rzfv1abl-_ac_ul320_sr226320_Tom Siddell

Tom Siddell is the writer and artist responsible for Gunnerkrigg Court. I previously wrote a review of sorts for the comic back here, and now I got a chance to interview the author.

We discussed story telling, art style, story structure, characterisation and more!


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art-of-forgetting-1-199x300Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall is the author of the staggeringly beautiful Art of Forgetting series. It is a sweeping coming of age tale but with sharp and painful twists.

Emotionally powerful at times, painfully hilarious at others, both volumes of this epic will stay with you long after you’ve finished.


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