Is Patreon the Future for Genre Publishing?

My latest article on Sci-Fi Fantasy Network;

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Is Patreon the future for genre publishing? Specifically, for small press and self published authors, where the pressures are much more acute. The small press arena can be a market much more open to new talent, taking risks, and doing things the larger publishers would hesitate to try. The openness and team spirit a lot of independent publishers can boast has made them much more attractive recently.

Indeed, even some authors who have had books published by traditional big companies have turned to small press for riskier projects and things that may fall outside a larger house’s remit. Tom Lloyd, for example, author of the Twilight Reign series, which was published by Gollancz (part of the Hachette group), has turned to independent publisher Kristell Ink for his new novellas.

But generally speaking, independent publishing is a place ripe for up and coming authors to get their first step on the ladder as well as develop their skills and networks. The drawback, of course, being the fact that they have nowhere near the spending power of the bigger publishers.

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