Why you should read The Sea-Stone Sword

With the launch of The Sky Slayer just a month away, it’s the perfect time to read The Sea-Stone Sword.

The tale of a young boy who wants nothing more than to become a hero in a world where there are no heroes, only villains who win. It digs into what it means to be a hero, and how power corrupts even those with the best of intentions. But more than all that, it has so much more to offer the reader. FINAL COVER

  • Full of diverse characters
  • Has dinosaurs in it
  • Listed on Feminist Fantasy
  • Gay main character
  • In fact, everyone in this book is either gay, bisexual, or asexual
  • Beautiful cover art by Evelinn Enoksen
  • Did I mention the dinosaurs?
  • May contain puns
  • Only £9 in Paperback
  • Only £2 on eBook

If you love your fantasy to be diverse, full of dinosaurs, and lovingly put together by an independent publisher, try The Sea-Stone Sword!

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In this interesting debut by Joel Cornah, The Sea-Stone Sword is filled with tons of capable female characters and interesting moral and philosophical questions… It is filled with tons of action and there is never a dull moment. If anyone is looking for something a little different in their fantasy, The Sea-Stone Sword is it!

(4 Stars)

Readers Favourite

Joel Cornah’s debut novel is refreshingly unusual take on swashbuckling heroic fantasy that explores the sometimes-ragged line between heroism and villainy. There is no black and white here, every colourful character has many shades of grey. It’s also refreshing to see so many LGBT characters featured prominently in the novel. He’s created an intricate world of pirates, dinosaurs, broken gods and penguins (yes, penguins) that extends far over the edges of the map. I think this is the start of a long and promising career.

(5 stars)

Joanne Hall (Author of Spark and Carousel)

Rob Sardan, the Sword Holder

Well wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for a review copy of The Sea Stone Sword but Joel Cornah just blew all my expectations out the window with his intriguing and conflicted characters, a brilliant, original and exciting new fantasy world, and the stunning prose throughout the novel. ‘The Sea Stone Sword’ really is a fantastic read.

(5 stars)

Quill and Bookcase

This book is the kind of epic fantasy I wish I was reading every day. The pacing never really slows down, yet the fast-moving and tense story doesn’t stop major themes from emerging.

This is such an original, honest, and brutal take on the hero’s journey, I’m not sure I can read your typical boys-goes-out-to-become-a-hero again.

(5 stars)

Claudie Arseneault (Author of The White Renegade)

If you’re looking for a fantasy novel that doesn’t resemble the typical “medieval England with dragons” formula, you’ve found it! The plot is action-packed and full of twists and turns, so the story never drags. The Sea-Stone Sword is a new and refreshing take on the genre!

(5 Stars)

JLS Amazon Review

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