Speculative Fiction Showcase – The Sky Slayer

My new book, The Sky Slayer, has been featured on the Speculative Fiction Showcase! Check it out.

Spek Fic banner

About The Sky Slayer:

All who kill a pterosaur are cursed. But Rob Sardan went a step further – he killed their King.
To break the curse he must escape a prison of ice and crystal, south of south, beyond all hope. With a ragtag team of former pirates, a failed thief and a strategist who cannot be trusted, they seek a ship that can sail on a sea of fire.
They must cross the grinding ice, challenge an empire, and face the dread pirate Skagra before she unleashes the Crown of Black Glass. But above all, Rob must face the ghosts of what he has become…
King Killer. Sword-breaker. Sky Slayer.
‘Glory is like a circle in the water which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, till, by broad spreading, it disperses to naught’.


The sea had broken him. Rob Sardan had looked into the waters and had seen his reflection. In the storms, the red winds, and the cold, he had learned what he was. He had wanted to be a hero, but what had he turned into?
King-killer. Sky-slayer. Sword-breaker.
A squawk distracted him, and he looked into a snow speckled tree. Nestled in the needles was a lizard-bird, its silver and white wings making it difficult to discern. Rob gave it a smile, and it chattered its toothy beak. It was the first living thing besides his captors and fellow prisoners that he had seen in two years. The thought sent a hollow feeling into him, and he felt the chasm of the future; a void of snow and isolation at the end of the world.

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