The Sky Slayer is coming

mini pendant 1To be a Sky Slayer, to tear the fabric of the air, and to slay its keeper, is no small thing. You will be remembered, you will be heralded, and you will be cursed. All the glory will shatter, as the winds were shattered, and your dreams shall be red. The pterosaurs do not forgive.

The air-keepers will follow you, even into sleep.

Rob Sardan dreamed of being a hero like his mother before him. But when it happened, the whole world fell apart.

Locked in a tower of crystal that reaches beyond the edge of the sky, set in the middle of a vast tundra of snow, separated from the rest of the world by sea of grinding ice, and protected by the Pengish Empire. Rob faces an endless imprisonment, fighting the curse of the Sky Slayer.

The-Sky-Slayer-Digital-Cover-Master-1-623x1024But then, a stranger comes to town.

Rob builds a crew for his escape. A strategical genius who says she has built a ship that can surpass all others, a failed thief who can’t keep his mouth shut, (but Rob falls in love with him anyway), a former pirate turned pacifist, an aging Doctor with a sly humour, and a shrouded history, and two rescued traders out for revenge against the dread pirate Skagra.

Out on the sea, chaos is rising. Skagra seeks the ending of the world, and she lures all to the tomb of the Dead God. There lies the Crown of Black Glass. There lies the darkest history of this world. And there lies the key to its ending.

Rob must face these dangers. He must face this curse. And he must face what he has become:

King Killer.


Sky Slayer.

Released on 10th September 2016, from Kristell Ink, an imprint of Grimbold Books.

Pre-order:  eBook  // Paperback (coming soon)

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