Best of the MiliVerse

I started a parody Twitter account to amuse my friends who have been feeling a bit down in the wake of political upheaval here in the UK.

Imagine a world without Brexit. A world where the news is duller, stranger, and softer. A world where Ed Miliband is Prime Minister. Imagine… The Miliverse.

It was inspired by this

And it only grew from there!

It sometimes seems like a message is trying to get through from the other side…

The headlines are still sensational…


In this timeline, Jeremy Corbyn is a humble backbencher…

Things get a bit meta…

Ed maybe has a bit of a thing for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

And then the Fan Art happened

There were more awkward moments to come.

In the end, the Miliverse is a calmer, stranger, more awkward world. Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, and maybe your local quantum physicist. Just in case.

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