The Miliverse eBook


I released a short eBook based on the Twitter account The Miliverse, which I’ve been running since August. It’s got just over 6,500 followers, which is nice. It’s a world where Ed Miliband is Prime Minister. There is no Brexit, no Corbyn, and no clue.

It’s FREE! It’s around 10,000 words. So here are the links!







24 symbols

Also, you can get Miliverse T-shirts, mugs, and badges. Because why not ride this train all the way to the bank? Well, realistically, I’m not actually going to make any money off any of this, but people did ask for some of these T-Shirts, so I thought I may as well make them. I bet you completely believe me.



Miliverse T-Shirt (unisex)
Miliverse T-Shirt (womens)
Miliverse Mug










There is also some other stuff on the store, but not that much. So, yeah, feel free to get stuff and show the world that things would have been different if Ed Miliband were Prime Minister.

Best of the MiliVerse

I started a parody Twitter account to amuse my friends who have been feeling a bit down in the wake of political upheaval here in the UK.

Imagine a world without Brexit. A world where the news is duller, stranger, and softer. A world where Ed Miliband is Prime Minister. Imagine… The Miliverse.

It was inspired by this

And it only grew from there!

It sometimes seems like a message is trying to get through from the other side…

The headlines are still sensational…


In this timeline, Jeremy Corbyn is a humble backbencher…

Things get a bit meta…

Ed maybe has a bit of a thing for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

And then the Fan Art happened

There were more awkward moments to come.

In the end, the Miliverse is a calmer, stranger, more awkward world. Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, and maybe your local quantum physicist. Just in case.