The Heir to the North – Audiobook Review

Heir of the NorthFor my first review on this here blog I’ve decided to cover The Heir to the North by Steven Poore, which I finished listening to on audiobook the other day. I had read the paperback about a year ago, but still the story felt fresh and bursting with life. The performance is top notch, with each character’s voice distinct and clear as well as full of life. The story is packed with intrigue, mystery, action and more.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly standard epic fantasy you might think this is. Heir to the North is a surprising and beautifully crafted book that will no doubt stand apart from the crowd if enough people give it the chance it deserves.

The narrator, Diana Croft, has so much talent! This is a brilliant performance. Stunning, emotional, and dripping with depth.

I’d have liked there to be more female characters. For a story that contains so much emphasis on the lead character being a woman and overcoming social prejudices, there really aren’t a lot of female roles and role models. The general absence of female voices made me feel Cassia’s isolation, so maybe that was the point?

There’s much to be said about this book. A story about stories. There’s a lot being done with the idea of how powerful a story can be, with how they can affect one’s outlook on the world, and with how they can twist the choices people make. There’s subtlety, depth, and areal sense that the author has spent long and hard crafting each and every tale into this larger tale.

If you fancy a rip roaring fantasy of depth and intrigue, give it a go! Audible has it on sale at the moment for almost half price!